8 April 2008

Apakah kesalahan meminati penyanyi Celine Dion?

Semalam, salah seorang murid saya, Tay Sue Ling... salah seorang pelajar SMK BUKIT KEMUNING mengetawakan saya kerana meminati penyanyi Celine Dion. Walau Bagaimanapun, saya tetap bersabar kerana dia belum mengetahui "kuasa" dan "ilmu" daripada Celine Dion.


Alicia said...

I'm with you teacher , CELINE DION is amazing ! Seriously , like can you bring me there with you . Bleh , but i don't think i'm going to pay for RM200 sitting way back and look at her like an ant . So i'll stay at home and watch her perform live tomorrow :)

YZ said...

she laugh because of you or because of Celine Dion?
there's a big difference here you know...
laugh of you maybe because to her you don't seems like a person that listen to her song
of Dion then difference story

YZ said...

yesterday forgot say

i recommend this song
"Bressanone" by Mathiew Lien